Holy shit the site's been updated!! Call the police!

  • Forum rearranged so that each GM has their own area. Threads have been moved. Chris, Andrew, Rob, you all get your own area (in Andrew's case, again!).
  • The Sacred Wheel has entered a new age. It is now correct (for now…).

New rules posted for XP and Hero Points

  • So we all agree that hero points are too good. Try these on for size instead.
  • XP rules for Rob's campaign also found here. Current multipliers are default.
  • Click on the link in the title, or check out Rob's Manicon for the link.

Ode to the Benkyo posted

Major update required!

  • So, to get the next phase of the campaign rolling, I'm gonna need to synthesize all information available into a synopsis/recap. Andrew was the main note taker, but I'll need everyone recollections to do this. I'd rather not waste too much actual game time on it, so check the forum under Dark Whispers, Flavor Questions, Recap Thread, and post there. I'm deadly serious, I need this stuff ASAP.

New news! Take a look on the sidebar!

Possible XP prize inside!

  • Yeah, so, I'm thinking that if you lot want to help me with some of the content on this site, there could be XP in it for you. For instance, I need to post a lot of stuff that requires some typing, and also you may have a chance to put your two cents in on some of the feats and other stuff I include. This will be done a a meeting of some type, possibly this weekend if you're all available. I will be generous with the XP. Reply in the rules questions thread of the Dark Whispers forum.

New stuff added!

  • I, the mighty Panfilo Felix, have added content for my campaign, called at this time Dark Whispers.
  • As stated previously, this site depends on member participation. What I have seen does not make me hopeful.

In the beginning…

  • Well, I decided to make this page primarily due to my friend Ian having one and the fact that scheduling for my friend Andrew's campaign seems to have taken a turn for the worse.
  • With that in mind, hopefully we can get everyone registered here and participate in forum discussions and the like. Please take note of the Scheduling section in the forums. Since we usually play Friday nights, I feel that putting your name down for being able to attend the session by Wednesday at the latest will enable us, mostly Andrew, to plan accordingly. If no one posts that they can make it, then we will know that there will be no session. Also, if someone has their name down as attending, I think they would be less likely to bail out at the last minute. I know, Wishful thinking on my part…
  • The success of this entirely depends on member participation.
  • I also think it would be a good idea to have everyone's character sheet/info on this site as well. That way it will always be here and if someone is not able to attend, we do not have to guess what their character has in way of spells and equipment.

Check "News" on the side for the latest additions/fixes.

  • Seriously, you need to check this out!

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I'll be there this week.
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Has anyone heard from Ian or Damon? I rather not wait until the day of to see if we are playing.
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I’m down to play via roll20 of course.
(by Benkyo 20 Jun 2019 19:44, posts: 4)
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